Controlled Drainage Systems

Controlled Drainage Systems LogoAfter more than 15 years of tile installation, repair, and general excavation services, Controlled Drainage Systems, Inc. is no longer providing these services in the Greene County area. We appreciate all of our customer support throughout the years and have enjoyed helping out our local community with many projects.

While we no longer offer construction services we will continue to foster our manufacturing line currently producing a tile fittings trailer known simply as The Parts Trailer!

The Parts Trailer

The Parts Trailer LogoIf you are involved in agricultural drainage installation in some manner this is a must have product for your operation. During the installation of most any system you will need a variety of tile parts and often it is difficult to keep track of part inventory onsite.

This will lead to a series of problems including loss of production due to hours spent running after inventory. The Parts Trailer allows you to organize all your parts and see them at a glance for improved inventory management and increases your ability to run longer with large numbers of parts on hand in field.

Impact Media Live

Impact Media Live, Inc. LogoBased in the mid-west we can offer personalized service, which allows for vast customization, while our wide collection of past experience will be a strong foundation on which to build a world class solution!

Impact Media Live can offer solutions for:

Web Development, from a simple website highlighting key features of your business to a complex web application to get what you want – limited only by your imagination – we love a challenge!

Custom Software Development, do you have a routine process that is time consuming? Often we can create software that will reduce labor hours and increase your bottom line!

Print Media (Books, Magazines, Brochures, Business Cards, Signs) graphic design and physical printing on many different items and with the help of our online partners we can print on 100’s of items (USB Sticks, Coffee Cups, Pens, Pencils, Key Chains, Mouse Pads, etc…)

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